Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good Samaritans Are There Everywhere

This is a typical scene in a village from south Indian state of Kerala. A packed bus in which commuters were stacked like sardines screeched to a halt to pick up more passengers. The next available bus in this stretch is only at dusk hence the bus was unusually crowded. The passengers comprising of shoppers, government employees,students,fisherman,farm workers etc young and old were trying to get a toe hold at the foot board when a good Samaritan popped up from nowhere from the crowd. He started to mind the crowd and to yell out the names of the bus stops for people to get down easily.

This supportive act helped the hapless conductor who is in charge of issuing tickets after collecting money a lot as he was finding it very hard to issue the tickets and to manage the doorbell in the milling crowd all at once. Soon, things fell in place and it was a smooth sail till the bus reached its destination where this helpful guy got down after a commendable endeavor.I have experienced this several times while travelling in bus when I was very young and usually gets lost easily in the crowd without even a view of the outside.

Though going by the books, this overzealous act may not go well with the general public, most of the commuters were all praise for this selfless act, which grabbed a few eyeballs of the curious travelers. Nonetheless some were heard whispering at hushed tones that he might be on a high, which made him lose the sense of reality! It is interesting to note that as always, this selfless deed has also won bouquets and brickbats all at once!.But I am always in praise for these good samaritans in Gods Own Country-Kerala :)

See how a crowded bus in Kerala looks like

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