Monday, July 5, 2010

Are We Wasting Energy By Exercising?

After having a good sleep at night I woke up in the morning and while looking through the window I always find that in the park there are lots of people doing exercise. Some of them walking, some of them running, some of them jumping up and down and so on. There are different people doing different kind of exercise. Everyone in the park is trying to burn calories. People who don’t have the luxury of parks nearby, finds ways to burn calories at gym.

Everybody eats high calorie food during morning, noon and night and some will have even snacks in between and then they want to burn it out. May be they are working in an office, where minimum physical activity is required. Most of them are not in good shape also. So they need to do something to burn the energy as well as to get a good shape. This kind of work out is not required for the people who do physical work during the day. Also most of them who do physical work are in good shape.

But it is very strange to see that those who are coming to walk in the park are coming by car or motorcycle. Why don't they come by foot and save energy? I can't understand this myth. The gymnasiums and parks where people waste their energy (burning calories) is a national waste. So how do we make it for productive? The simple way which I used to follow and which most of us could is to work in farm activities. Every day morning instead of going to gym or park engage in some farm activities-most of them are physical. That way you will be in good shape and you might earn some extra income. Some of us might be reluctant to follow this path for different reasons may be some may not like the shabby environment or some may not even have the option to have a farm. So another idea is to attach machines to gym equipments which can do useful work .I am not aware of any such gym equipment in market. This way you can save at least save some bucks on monthly gym fee of course based on your work out. I hope somebody picks up this idea
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