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How To Get Police Clearance Certificate From USA While In India

The immigration departments of several countries require Police Clearance Certificate for which  fingerprint of the immigrant is required.Sometimes this fingerprint needs to be from an official source such as state police or district police and needs to be attested by concerned officer.

Although there are several private agencies who does finger print for this purpose, it is always advisable to get this done from police department. Most of us are not aware that the police departments in India provide this service for a nominal fee and they are experts. Here I am providing you the procedure to get finger print done from police department.Since I am from Kerala, I am explaining the procedure for Kerala Police. I am sure for each state and each district in India there will be facilities to get finger print taken.

Since I was in need to get finger print taken for police clearance certificate from USA, I followed the FBI procedure. For each Country, there may be different procedure and specific finger print forms. If there are no specific forms,Kerala police has got their own form/format.

Here are the requirements to get finger print done from Kerala police
  1. Remit a fee of Rs.1000/- in any Govt. Treasury under the head of account “0055 Police – 501 service & service fee”. Please add Rs. 100/- for each additional copy of finger print. So for example, if you need two copies in total,  fee to be remitted in treasury will be 1000+100=1100.You can print the below chalan payment form and complete all the three sections.

You need to fill the below fields in the form at a minimum and need to complete all the three section. Treasury officer will fill the required details from their side,sign and seal the document. If the treasury does not have facility to make cash payments, the officer will provide the details of the nearest authorised bank, most probably SBI or SBT. You need to go to the bank with the chalan form authorized by treasury officer and make the payment. The bank will retain two of the three sections in the form and the third section will be signed and sealed by the bank officer before providing you. This needs to be submitted to the finger print Test Inspector/Officer
    1. Name of treasury in at...... field
    2. Date
    3. Head of account-
    4. By whom paid...--Your name and address
    5. Purpose of remittance..-This should be 0055 Police - 501 service & service fee
    6. Amount in Rs- 1000/- (add Rs 100/- for each additional copy)
    7. Total-1000/-(add Rs 1000/- for each additional copy)
    8. Total in words- One thousand only (add 100 for each additional copy)
    9. Signature of Remitter
2.An application in plane paper addressed to Tester Inspector / officer explaining why you require the finger prints.

3.Valid passport with photocopies of relevant pages(usually first and last page)

4. Proof of present address like aadhar/ration card / electoral card / driving license  and its photocopy

5.Two passport size photographs

6.Two copies of Country specific finger print forms.One for you and one for Finger Print Inspector to keep in their records.If you need to take additional finger prints, you need to keep that much number of copies.If there are no country specific forms, police department will provide finger prints in their own form.

For FBI, you need to download the FD-258 form from below link

You can can approach the Director, State Finger Print Bureau or Tester Inspectors of District Finger Print Bureau. For Thrissur district, the office is located at Administrative Office of Thrissur City Police Commissioner,Ramavarmapuram

Once you get the finger print done,you can follow the below link for rest of the process for PCC from USA.

1.Complete the application form
                                If you have a printer at home, you can  type directly in the form and take a print out.
In case you do not have a printer at home, install pdf printing software like  pdfcreator,type and complete the form,print it as pdf,copy it to a usb flash drive or external HDD, and then take it to a computer were printer is available and print it.
This form is pretty straight forward.For payment purpose, you have 3 options .. certified check,money order and credit card form. I used credit card form.This form is available separately and used to authorize payment using your credit card. I provided  my ICICI bank credit card details.

2. Obtain finger prints using the FD-258 form.
Take print out of FD-258.Complete the form. The form is pretty straight forward except few fields which I am explaining below.Please refer the pdf from below link for guidelines on filling the form. Follow the one for CIVIL FINGER PRINT CARDS

Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Block-- This is not required since we are applying as individuals from India.

3. Payment Form
Download the payment form from below link
 Complete the payment form and don't forget to sign it.

Once all above forms are done, use the checklist in below link to make sure that you completed everything as required.

5.Mail the required items listed above—signed applicant information form, fingerprint card, and payment of $18 U.S. dollars for each person or copy requested—to the following address:

FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306
I mailed it through Fedex.It costed be around Rs3000/- and the package reached FBI office in 3 days

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