Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tech Notes:-Using Google Maps,GPRS Connection And GPS Module To Make Your Phone Into A GPS In India

If you have a phone with GPS module and google maps installed and you have GPRS or 3G or wifi, you can use your phone as GPS in India.My phone is HTC Touch 23333 with BSNL 3G/GPRS connection,google maps and GPS module. This was handy when I was in Chennai last time.It was a rainy and I was not able to get a taxi even after waiting for almost 45 Mins. Then I decided to use public transport. I keyed my destination address in google maps installed in my HTC touch 2333, one of the cheapest phones with GPS module.It showed me that all that I need to do is to cross the street and get into the Chennai Metro train , I did that and got the down at the station which it was showing as nearest to my apartment. Then it showed me the walking route as well. I reached home in less than 25 mins, were as it takes almost one hour in taxi to go through all the traffic blocks :) and it costed me just 5Rs only.

The only feature that you dont have here when compared to a GPS device is that you dont have voice guided navigation.I tried this even at my home town,Thrissur,it was guiding me even through small pocket roads.

Another new feature coming up is Google Maps Navigation which is in beta phase now.Unfortunately, this is not available for my Windows mobile :(. See the videos below.

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