Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lion Country Safari,Florida

If you want to feel like you're on an African Safari,then take a drive to the Lion Country Safari.Lion country safari located at West Palm Beach,Florida is one of the favorite attraction for kids.This open drive-thru safari is located approximately 20 miles West of Downtown West Palm Beach,approximately 59 miles north of downtown Ft. Lauderdale and approximately 78 miles north of Miami.

Safari opens at 9:30 and closes by 5:30. Visitors can purchase tickets and enter the safari in their own vehicle and drive at their own pace,slowly and carefully through approximately 5 miles of paved roads running through the fenced area where animals are kept. A CD is provided along with the ticket which provides a recorded narration.

Some animals such as giraffes, rhinoceroses,zebras,ostrich etc are allowed to roam freely, even crossing the road in front of vehicles. Others, such as lions, chimpanzees,elephants etc are segregated behind fences or water barriers.It was amazing to see an Ostrich as close as within a yard.The Ostrich started pecking the viper of my car.I guess it was interested in some insects.See the video below

For those that want to continue their fantastic reality day, the park also features a walk through exhibit. On display here you will find such things as snakes, turtles, alligators, macaws, monkeys and more!. After the titillating safari, free parking and more excitement awaits you. You can begin games, rides, shopping and more. Or you can sit and relax and have food from the restaurant which has all variety of food.

There is an animal theater where you are instructed about the animal and its habitat. After a wonderful and enlightening presentation you can have a question and answer session and learn more. We are not done.You Bet! You can take the Safari Queen on an authentic Jungle water safari, ride the paddle wheel boat carousel and then experience the touch of some animals at the petting zoo.Kids can play golf,water gun attached toy boats,play at the water play ground,enjoy merry-go-round,Ferris wheel and feed Giraffes :).They have a collection of bird eggs which include that of Ostrich,Emu,Sarus Crane etc. .That seems like a full day. “What if I wanted to stay a few days at the safari game preserve?” you may ask yourself. Well… there is always Safari Camping among the stars and surrounded by rivers, jungles and of course the wonderful exotic animals and birds. You read that right! You can stay and hear a lion roar at dawn or and elephant mightily trumpeting at dusk. They have an award winning KOA camp ground with heated swimming pool, a store, and all the hook ups for hassle free and relaxing stay. Call ahead and book a stay (don’t forget to ask about what discounts available) or just drive through for an enchanting day trip. Lion Country Safari is a classic, timeless adventure at every turn.
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